Alex McLean

Making music with text

BP2-like polymetric syntax

by Alex on November 23, 2006

Another experiment with haskell, rather hastily screencasted for your pleasure: It’s using haskell’s Parsec module to parse the syntax, and sending the sound events to supercollider for rendering. This is a work in progress, but GPLd source available is on request, as is an AVI version if you don’t have flash. All feedback much appreciated.

Live programming

by Alex on November 21, 2006

I thought there wasn’t enough context on this log, so here’s a brief history of my experiences with live programming. So I’ve been writing music in the Perl language for some years now. For the first few years this involved hacking together text based curses interfaces. However inspired by the work of the SuperCollider and […]

Onomatopoeic synthesiser

by Alex on November 7, 2006

In the afore-mentioned paper Rationalizing musical time: syntactic and symbolic-numeric approaches, Bernard Bel describes onomatopoeic notation for music, and then later a language for composing similarly structured music, the Bol Processor 2 (BP2). In BP2 however, the sound objects are represented by non-onomatopoeic symbols. That is, as far as the software is concerned, the particular […]

Haskell music

by Alex on November 5, 2006

I’ve settled on using Haskell98 for my MSc project. It’s a very interesting language with excellent parsing libraries as well as full opportunities for playing with EDSLs (embedded domain specific languages). After ten or so years of Perl and C learning a pure functional language has been difficult, and I’m still employing far too much […]