Alex McLean

Making music with text

Dorkcamp ’09

by Alex on June 21, 2009

Douglas Repetto started dorkbot in nyc in late 2000, as a free forum for “people doing strange things with electricity”, with each meeting consisting of a few informal presentations within the broad remit of electronic/electric/robotic/software art.  After meeting Douglas at a crummy generative art conference, some friends and I decided to start dorkbotlondon.  We had […]

Patterns in Haskell

by Alex on June 17, 2009

I’ve been trying to make music with Haskell for a little while now.  One thing about Haskell is that its strict typing forces you to think a lot about how you represent things. I wanted to support two things in my musical pattern representation, firstly polyphony (more than one sound being triggered at the same […]

More hackery

by Alex on June 4, 2009

Another screencast: Trying a lower bpm than normal. Also I’m starting to add more higher order rhythm functions to increase live coding potential… “(~> n)” shifts the pattern one beat to the right, (

(UK) Stop the racists tomorrow

by Alex on June 3, 2009

If you are in the UK and have a vote, please use it. The BNP are racists, who want all “non-indigenous” (i.e., non-white) people to leave the country. If there is a low voter turn out, they have a good chance of getting their first MEP, which means much more money for their cause and […]