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hackpact week 4

by Alex on September 24, 2009

Ok the third fourth week of hackpact actually started yesterday, but I didn’t think my contribution then warranted a new entry. hackpact23 Bit of an error with the screencast, see if you can spot the problem. Pretty happy with the sound though. (will take a while to appear due to vimeo’s encoding queue) I’m musically […]

Hackpact week 3

by Alex on September 16, 2009

It’s the third week of the hackpact. A few have fallen by the wayside, others are doing impressively well. Adam is doing great learning supercollider, Sam is cracking away on a diverse range of ideas, Joe has put a lot of himself into his involved hacks, poetry with a smell of solder, Gabor pushing fluxus […]

Hackpact documentation (week 2)

by Alex on September 8, 2009

Following on from week 1 of my hackpact hacks, here’s hackpact8 I had this feeling that a nice visualisation of polyrhythmic structure would be to plot patterns in a spiral. I finally got it to work, and here’s the first few results, rendered with cairo in Haskell: {red blue orange purple, yellow brown pink} [red […]

Knowledge futures

by Alex on September 4, 2009

I’m very happy to be putting together the evening programme for knowledge futures on October 16th at Goldsmiths. Excitingly, my superheroes Leafcutter John, Finn Peters and Yee-King and Spacedog UK (Sarah Angliss + co) have agreed to play. I’m going to play too as part of slub. Details are coming together over here. Buy your […]

Hackpact documentation (week 1)

by Alex on September 2, 2009

I started my hackpact month last night with this screencast, playing around with time offsets and functors.  I think the audio gets *slightly* ahead of the video, probably due to some jack-audio drops.  If for some reason you want a better quality version you can look at the source mpeg-4 file on I was […]