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Formatting LaTeX for on-screen proof reading

by Alex on April 28, 2010

A few people on twitter found this useful so here it is in full: I’ve been writing a few papers lately and going through the cycle of write -> print -> proofread -> write, generating a lot of paper.  I’ve text to hard to read on screen, and raw LaTeX somehow feels too malleable to […]

Upcoming events

by Alex on April 26, 2010

A few things coming up 1st May 2010 – Slub VJing with Kirk Degiorgio at Lambda Festival, Antwerp 2nd May 2010 – Slub Live at Lambda Festival again 13th May 2010 – Participating on a Cenatus Panel Session on the Future of Music at FutureEverything, Manchester 3rd September 2010 – Live coding at FACT Liverpool (TBC) […]

The Joy of Interpretation

by Alex on April 26, 2010

Without interpreters, we wouldn’t have software, but yet interpreters are also software.  This is why we talk about `bootstrapping’, where software pulls itself from the floor by its bootstraps, a paradox settled by the existence of hardware microcode. Any piece of software exists as a combination of two parts, some instructions in a computer language and […]