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Making music with text

Meaning of Hack

by Alex on November 29, 2010

This post dedicated to Olga, who went missing a few days ago. (she came back, after three weeks out in the snow, much thinner but very happy.) ((sadly Olga never really recovered her mental and physical health, and is now at rest in our garden)) At some point in my youth I got very interested in […]

Some videos

by Alex on November 21, 2010

First a quick screencast of my new live coding environment called Text, which is I think a good proof of concept but crashes quite often (including at the end of this video).It’s basically Haskell but with syntax based on proximity in 2D space, rather than adjacency. Type compatible things connect automatically, made possible though Haskell’s […]

New text editor

by Alex on November 4, 2010

I stopped using, a self-modifying live code editor written in Perl, some time ago, in favour of editing Haskell in emacs.  It’s about time I made a specialised editor for the pattern stuff I’ve been doing with Haskell.  Actually I have been dreaming of a visual programming language editor for some time, which for […]