Alex McLean

Making music with text

ICMC paper and Sheffield headphone fest

by Alex on April 28, 2011

A couple of updates, firstly I’ve had a long paper accepted to ICMC in Huddersfield, namely Texture: Visual Notation for Live Coding of Pattern.  That’s a link to a preprint which I won’t finally submit for a week or so, so if you happen to read it and spot some glaring problems please let me know. […]

Novels are digital art too

by Alex on April 12, 2011

Digital means discrete, and analog means continuous. Digital and analog support each other, as Deleuze and Guattari put it: … in the case of the striated, the line is between two points, while in the smooth, the point is between two lines. When we speak, we articulate our vocal tracts in analog movements, creating discontinuities […]

Pitter split

by Alex on April 6, 2011

More live coding, this time multitrack (oops added wrong one earlier, fixed now): Some glitches, with audio and video falling out of sync at times… I quite like the results though, as it goes back in again somehow. UPDATE, here’s another one, with tight time sync this time: