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Quick custom Linux live CDs for workshops

by Alex on November 13, 2011

People bring all kinds of laptops to workshops, and installing your software on them might take hours.  So it’s nice to just give everyone a bootable USB stick or CD, containing a live linux distribution (i.e. one that runs straight from the USB stick/CD) and the software.  This can get a room full of people […]

Social network time

by Alex on November 7, 2011

I’m privileged to be able to hear my grandmother Billie Campbell singing The Old Lamplighter in the 1940s, even though I was born after her death.  I’m also privileged to be able to see (but not hear) my great-grandfather John Ross Campbell on his release from being a political prisoner for incitement to mutiny in 1924. I’m […]

New old laptop

by Alex on November 1, 2011

My old laptop was falling apart, but buying a new one presented all kinds of ethical problems of which I have become increasingly aware.  Also new laptops are badly made and I always much preferred the squarer 4:3 screens that weirdly got phased out in the switch to widescreen five years ago (around the same […]