Alex McLean

Making music with text

Live notation

by Alex on January 30, 2012

I’m really excited to be working with Hester Reeve on a project funded by the AHRC digital transformations call, bringing together live artists and live coders for a dialogue, hopefully leading to new ideas and approaches within both fields.  Live artists work with their body as a medium, and live coders work with abstract symbols, and it will […]

Computational thinking

by Alex on January 11, 2012

Some great news today that the UK school ICT programme is going to be replaced/updated with computer science.  As far as I can tell a lot of schools have actually been doing this stuff already with Scratch, but this means targeting teacher training for broader roll-out. This has immediately triggered bike shedding about the issue […]

There must be no generative, procedural or computational art

by Alex on January 1, 2012

This blog entry feels like a work in progress, so feedback is especially encouraged. Lately I’ve been considering a dichotomy running through the history of computer art.  On one side of the dichotomy, consider this press statement from SAP, the “world’s leading provider of business software”, on sponsoring a major interactive art group show at […]