Alex McLean

Making music with text


by Alex on March 23, 2012

I’m excited to be joining Kia Ng in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Research in Music (ICSRiM) within the faculty of Performance, Visual Arts & Communications (PVAC) for the new academic year, as a two year fellowship. I’ll be a research fellow in Human/Technology Interface, a research strand supported within the cross disciplinary Culture, Society & Innovation Hub. All […]


by Alex on March 14, 2012

I’ve got some sounds out of my new live coding system, codenamed “smoothdirt”.  Here’s an mp3 for you.  The sounds are triggered with some C and structured and scheduled with some Haskell.  Plenty more to do, but already really happy hearing embedded juxtoposition of timescales, smooth multichannel panning (2 channels in this test, but I’m playing […]


by Alex on March 13, 2012

A busy couple of weeks ahead: This weekend (Saturday 17th March) I am playing as part of slub at a live algorave in London. Then the following weekend I’m doing a few things at the 2012 Lovebytes festival in Sheffield: Thursday 22nd March – An experimental (as in we don’t know what will happen) performance with Hester Reeve as part of […]

Patterns in Haskell revisited

by Alex on March 6, 2012

A while back I came up with this way of representing musical patterns as pure functions in Haskell: data Pattern a = Pattern {at :: Int -> [a], period :: Int} These patterns can be composed nicely with pattern combinators, creating strange polyrhythmic structures, see my earlier post for info. This turned out just great for […]