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Death of algorave

by Alex on July 12, 2013

Here’s a room recording of xname and I playing a post-algorave set at Audacious Space in Sheffield. We start making sound from about 4 minutes in. Xname performed using handmade circuits controlled with strobes and other lights. I used my livecoding DSL Tidal, which also sent flashing patterns to a monitor flat on the table, […]

Residency in Barcelona

by Alex on July 1, 2013

I’m very happy to have a month’s residency in Barcelona coming up, starting 22nd July 2013. I’ll be running workshops (probably at the beginning, while locals are still in town) and working on some new things. It’s produced by L’ull Cec for Hangar, in the context of the Addicted2Random project, which is funded by the European culture […]

Things coming up

by Alex on May 3, 2013

I’m having a bit of a breather at the moment, but here’s some of the things I am up to over the Summer: 16th May 2013 Another Algorave on the MS Stubnitz. The last one was masses of fun, and really looking forward to seeing what the next one turns up.. May 27-30 2013 I won’t […]

New projects and events

by Alex on March 13, 2013

Taking stock of the new and fast-developing projects I’m involved with. Sound Choreography <> Body Code A performance which creates a feedback loop through code, music, choreography, dance and back through code, in collaboration with Kate Sicchio. First performance is this Friday at Audio:Visual:Motion in Manchester. The sourcecode for the sound choreographer component is already available, which […]

Women in computer music

by Alex on March 6, 2013

(An earlier version of this post was directed at some other events in addition to mine, but these references turned out to be factually incorrect and more upsetting for the people involved than I could have imagined, partly because they have been working tirelessly and successfully to address the below concerns. Sincere apologies.) Here’s an […]

Happy new year + upcoming

by Alex on December 27, 2012

Looking forward to 2013, some things I’m up to so far: 15th Feb: talk and solo performance at the Node symposium, Frankfurt Late Feb (date tbc): slub at the Bartlett nexus, London 22-24th Feb: slub at the network music festival, Birmingham 5th March: Talk at the Leeds Psychogeography Group – my sister is doing this one now! 14-15th March (tbc): Talk + […]

Busy week

by Alex on November 21, 2012

That was fun.. First, full slub (Dave, Ade and I) at the Mozilla party. The most interested crowd we’ve had, it was hard to get any live coding done between all the questions!  Dave collected some photos from the many that appeared online.. Then to Mexico City for the week-long /* vivo */ live coding festival. […]

Upcoming events in November

by Alex on October 3, 2012

I’m hoping to keep October clear for getting things done, but November is looking fun: 10th November, full Slub performance at the Mozilla party in at the National Film Museum, London. 12-17th November, off to the /* vivo */ International Live Coding Symposium in Mexico City.  I’ll be giving a talk called “Is live coding really […]

Upcoming events in September

by Alex on September 2, 2012

7/8th September 2012, Leeds – Live Interfaces As my first act as research fellow at ICSRiM, I’m chairing this conference on live interaction in performance technology, two days of papers and performances, including a (free) club night.  The quality of submissions has been fantastic, and we have people coming from 11 different countries outside the […]

Upcoming events and things

by Alex on June 15, 2012

Fresh back from holiday, with a lot of things coming up: Thursday 21st June, Ruskin Gallery, Cambridge Live coding at the opening of the Poetry, Language, Code exhibition Friday 22nd June, BEAM Festival, Brunel University, Uxbridge Talking about live coding during the day and performing in the evening  Friday 29th June, InterFace2012, Birmingham […]