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Tidal cycles continued

by Alex on October 11, 2013

I’ve continued with the Tidal cycles project, pushing forward with at least one cycle per weekday, apart from one day when I made a longer recording (to appear on chordpunch soon). All the audio is downloadable and creative commons licensed (CC-BY), check the descriptions for the tweet-sized tidal code for each cycle, and follow on […]

Tidal cycles

by Alex on September 24, 2013

I’ve started a twitter feed called @tidalcycles, with minimal tidal programs and their output. I’ll try to add one a day, but lets see how things go. Here’s the first couple: brak $ let x = “bd [sn [[sn bd] sn]]*1/3″ in interlace (sound $ slow 3 $ x) (sound $ every 3 (append “[bd]*6″) […]

Colourful texture

by Alex on September 13, 2013

Texture v.2 is getting interesting now, reminds me of fabric travelling around a loom.. Everything apart from the DSP is implemented in Haskell. The functional approach has worked out particularly well for this visualisation — because musical patterns are represented as functions from time to events (using my Tidal EDSL), it’s trivial to get at […]


by Alex on September 5, 2013

A quick improv from Sheffield: Here’s the state of my editor at the end: d1 $ slow 2 $ sound “bd [sn sn bd]/2″ let x = density 2 $ striate’ 8 0.75 $ sound (slow 4 $ “[bd bd/4] [ht mt lt]“) in d2 $ stack [every 3 rev $ every 4 (0.75

Texture 2.0 bug exposure

by Alex on August 24, 2013

Texture 2.0 (my Haskell based visual live programming language) is working a bit more. It has reached gabber zero – the point at which a programming language is able to support the production of live techno. Also I’ve made some small steps towards getting some of my live visualisation ideas working. Here’s a video which […]

Release of tidal 0.2.1

by Alex on August 2, 2013

For me the best part of my workshops during my residency here at Hangar was getting the participants to try out Tidal. In the final workshop there were around 12 of us jamming together, each with a speaker in a kind of drumming circle, at several points it was sounding really great. In between workshops […]

Demonstrating tidal

by Alex on March 2, 2013

After posting at length about the history of my musical pattern representation, I thought I’d better show some demos and explain a bit about how it works in practice. Demonstrating music tech is difficult, because it seems to be impossible to listen to demos without making aesthetic judgements. The below is not meant to be […]

Haskell patterns ad nauseam

by Alex on February 28, 2013

TL;DR I’m now describing algorave music as functions from time ranges to lists of events, with arbitrary time precision, where you can query continuously varying patterns for more detail by specifying narrower time ranges. For more practical demo-based description of my current system see this post. I’ve been restructuring and rewriting my Haskell pattern library […]