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Hackpact week 3

by Alex on September 16, 2009

It’s the third week of the hackpact. A few have fallen by the wayside, others are doing impressively well. Adam is doing great learning supercollider, Sam is cracking away on a diverse range of ideas, Joe has put a lot of himself into his involved hacks, poetry with a smell of solder, Gabor pushing fluxus […]

Saturday night stream

by Alex on December 10, 2008

I’m going to do a live a/v stream from my sofa 10pm GMT this Saturday 13th December ’08, livecoding with Perl and hopefully also a little language parsed with Haskell.  You can find info about how to watch, listen to the stream and join the chat over on the toplap site. I did something similar […]

Vocable bugfix

by Alex on December 11, 2007

Apologies to those who weren’t getting any sound from vocable, here’s a version with a quick bugfix from Rohan Drape that makes sure control buses are properly initialised. It should work for everyone now. Thanks Rohan! By the way you might notice that vocable records everything you do under the ‘logs’ directory.  I’d be really […]

ASCII Rave in Haskell

by Alex on August 8, 2007

I’ve been playing with using words to control the articulation of a physical modelling synthesiser based on the elegant Karplus-Strong algorithm. The idea is to be able to make instrumental sounds by typing onomatopoeic words. (extra explanation added in the comments) Here’s my first ever go at playing with it: ASCII Rave in Haskell For […]

Canntaireachd for sinewaves

by Alex on April 10, 2007

An early sketch of a system of vocables for describing manipulations of a sine wave. The text is a bit small there, it’s better in the original avi version. Vowels give pitch, and consonants give movements between pitches. Inspired by the notation of canntaireachd. Made with hsc (Haskell client for scsynth). As ever, code available […]

Haskell supercollider tutorial

by Alex on February 4, 2007

Rohan Drape has made a nice tutorial to getting his “Hsc” Haskell bindings to SuperCollider installed and integrated with emacs. It’s available here (link updated). This is exactly what I needed, I’m hoping to get started with some simple physical model synthesis this coming week.

Programming in Haskell

by Alex on December 27, 2006

Not really a review, just a strong recommendation… Graham Hutton’s Programming in Haskell is published mid January 2007, but Cambridge University Press are shipping already — I got mine just before Christmas and wish I had it earlier… It is by far the best introduction to Haskell I’ve seen, at least for someone new to […]