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Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code

by Alex on April 16, 2014

Really excited to be involved with this dream event in London next month: Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code 11am to 6pm, 13th May 2014 Limewharf, Vyner St, London E2 9DJ £20/£15 An event that brings together diverse viewpoints on weaving, knitting, live coding, dyadic mathematics, generative music and digital making, in order […]

Algorithmic Yorkshire

by Alex on April 9, 2014

My new year’s resolution was not to start any new collaborations. Here’s a new collaboration with Ash Sagar aka section_9 (among others): First live date is at the Newcastle Gateshead Algorave on the 26th April. Judging by this first jam session it should be a blinder..

Videos from recent live dates

by Alex on March 24, 2014

Some recent activity is turning up some video clips. Here’s one giving an impression of the first Dutch algorave, organised by Fiber and STEIM. It features some seconds of Yee-King and I playing drums and code as Canute, although the music on top is from Luuma‘s set: And here’s a longer video of a performance […]

Experimentallabor residency

by Alex on February 5, 2014

I’m on the way to take part in a short residency in Dusseldorf, hosted by Julian Rohrhuber at the Robert Schumann School: Fifth Experimentallabor Residency: Penelope’s Loom – Coding threads in antiquity, live notation and textile inspired programming languages Structure can be result and origin of a dynamic process at the same time – a […]

Arte Tracks feature

by Alex on February 4, 2014

Here’s a feature on live coding and algorave on Arte Tracks, which was aired in Germany and France on 31st Jan 2014. It features interviews with Alexandra Cardenas and myself, and some nice live footage including from the live.code.fest and a recent solo gig I did at the white building in Hackney. They put up […]

Tidal cycles continued

by Alex on October 11, 2013

I’ve continued with the Tidal cycles project, pushing forward with at least one cycle per weekday, apart from one day when I made a longer recording (to appear on chordpunch soon). All the audio is downloadable and creative commons licensed (CC-BY), check the descriptions for the tweet-sized tidal code for each cycle, and follow on […]