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PhD Thesis: Artist-Programmers and Programming Languages for the Arts

by Alex on February 22, 2012

With some minor corrections done, my thesis is finally off to the printers.  I’ve made a PDF available, and here’s the abstract: We consider the artist-programmer, who creates work through its description as source code. The artist-programmer grandstands computer language, giving unique vantage over human-computer interaction in a creative context. We focus on the human […]

ICMC paper and Sheffield headphone fest

by Alex on April 28, 2011

A couple of updates, firstly I’ve had a long paper accepted to ICMC in Huddersfield, namely Texture: Visual Notation for Live Coding of Pattern.  That’s a link to a preprint which I won’t finally submit for a week or so, so if you happen to read it and spot some glaring problems please let me know. […]

MSc Thesis: Improvising with Synthesised Vocables, with Analysis Towards Computational Creativity

by Alex on December 10, 2007

My MSc thesis is here. The reader may find many loose ends, which may well get tied up through my PhD research. Abstract: In the context of the live coding of music and computational creativity, literature examining perceptual relationships between text, speech and instrumental sounds are surveyed, including the use of vocable words in music. […]