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Saturday night stream

by Alex on December 10, 2008

I’m going to do a live a/v stream from my sofa 10pm GMT this Saturday 13th December ’08, livecoding with Perl and hopefully also a little language parsed with Haskell.  You can find info about how to watch, listen to the stream and join the chat over on the toplap site. I did something similar […]

Dorkcamp and new demo

by Alex on August 12, 2008

Two posts rolled in to one, to annoy the aggregators a bit less (sorry haskellers, more haskell stuff soon). First, dorkcamp is a lovely event in its third year.  The idea is for around 60 of us to go to a campsite an hour out of London, well equipped with showers, toilets, a big kitchen […]

Live programming

by Alex on November 21, 2006

I thought there wasn’t enough context on this log, so here’s a brief history of my experiences with live programming. So I’ve been writing music in the Perl language for some years now. For the first few years this involved hacking together text based curses interfaces. However inspired by the work of the SuperCollider and […]