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Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code

by Alex on April 16, 2014

Really excited to be involved with this dream event in London next month: Sonic Pattern and the Textility of Code 11am to 6pm, 13th May 2014 Limewharf, Vyner St, London E2 9DJ £20/£15 An event that brings together diverse viewpoints on weaving, knitting, live coding, dyadic mathematics, generative music and digital making, in order […]

Experimentallabor residency

by Alex on February 5, 2014

I’m on the way to take part in a short residency in Dusseldorf, hosted by Julian Rohrhuber at the Robert Schumann School: Fifth Experimentallabor Residency: Penelope’s Loom – Coding threads in antiquity, live notation and textile inspired programming languages Structure can be result and origin of a dynamic process at the same time – a […]

Peano curve weaves of whole songs

by Alex on December 27, 2006

Some nine months ago I played with weaving images from music, including using a peano curve as a mapping. I’ve returned to this subject, having many good ideas to explore from recent discussions with Tim Blackwell. We thought rendering some whole songs would work nicely. I didn’t fancy playing with my Java code again so […]

Woven sound

by Alex on March 23, 2006

Woven sound is an idea by Dr Tim Blackwell, where a one-dimensional stream of audio samples or midi events may be woven into a two-dimensional structure analogous to fabric. Tim has written this idea into his software, where (as I understand it) he uses flocking algorithms to seek out patches of high activity which are […]